Photography, Road Trips

Road trip around Georgian Bay (1), Parry Sound

We were brand new immigrants in 1995 and owned a very old secondhand car that we had bought for C$800. We looked at the map and decided to drive around Georgian Bay. We had no idea how big and uninhabited Canada really is!!

Dufferin Hi-Land, The Bruce Trail

The Pine River sub-watershed, Oct – Nov 2021

I enjoyed the show of fall colours on this trail! The rolling landscape varies often between forests and farmland with plenty rivers in between.

Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve – July 28, 2021

45.4 - 55.2 When I planned today's hike two weeks ago, I wasn't sure that the weather would play along. The nastier weather came through two days early and tomorrow there is a new weather system brewing. It turns out today is the perfect day to go out after all! We drive through fog for… Continue reading Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve – July 28, 2021