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Road trip around Georgian Bay (3), Killarney

Detailed info about camping, canoeing and walking trails around George Lake.

We camped close to George Lake at Killarney for two nights. The first night it stormed quite badly and since we don’t camp regularly, our mattress had a slow leak we were unaware of until then. We also envied people who know how to set up tarps efficiently. Ours was flapping quite badly that first night.

Somebody’s well organized camp site.

I had planned to walk on at least one trail, but this one turned out to start out so steep that I gave up almost as soon as I started!

The planned walk…
The reality!

Instead, we had some wonderful fish and chips for lunch.

Bought some yummy Fish and Chips here.

After lunch took the car down towards the light tower as close as we could go and then walked from there.

Gorgeous views all around and magnificent rocks of all colours and sizes.

Much easier trail to the lighthouse.