Dufferin Hi-Land, The Bruce Trail

The Pine River sub-watershed, Oct – Nov 2021

October 7, 2021 Whitfield to Kilgorie & Lavender to parking lot on Side Road 30

31.5 – 34.9 It’s a very foggy day today… Lots of pleasant road walking. Very easy and comfortable and almost all downhill to Kilgorie. A family in a car stop next to us in the parking lot and tell me I look like a hiker. Quite the compliment! They want some advice about where to park. I suggest the parking lot cross from Rock Hill Park. I thought that will save them from road walking with their small children, but this road ends up not being busy at all… Quite easy walking actually.

I meet up with the Pine River close to Kilgorie.

56.3 – 53.9 I also walk the last little bit of the Dufferin Bruce trail section from Lavender to the parking area on Side Road 30 to give me a bit more mileage for the day:

October 11, 2021 20th Side Road to Kilgorie

Today is Thanksgiving Day and there are quite a few people enjoying the gorgeous weather while walking off the turkey! Somebody that looks like Carl Alexander says I look like I am going on a serious hike. Well, a trekking pole and a day pack does help me feel prepared!

41.7 – 34.9 I walk on Prince of Whales Road towards Kilgorie, since we are not really familiar with this area. This way I can be picked up at the same Parking Area as last time. Secretly I am hoping for more downhill than uphill, but straight away it is clear that I am in the Dufferin Highland with it’s MANY rolling hills.

Meeting up with the Pine river again close to Kilgorie.

October 23, 2021 20th Side Road to Centre Road

41.7 – 47.4 Gorgeous sunny day today, albeit a bit chilly. I am wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt on my hike today. Three ladies signed the log book about an hour before me. I met one runner that passed me at the stile at the two silos. I met a lady just coming out of the rocky section on my way to Centre Road. Good thing I went back for my walking pole that I left by accident at one of the stiles!

What a view!!
Last of the rocks…
Always nice to see the car!

November 5, 2021 Centre Road to 30th Side Road

47.4 – 53.9 This morning is cool and crisp. There is frost everywhere and some left-over snow from yesterday’s first snowflakes. AJ is coming with me today, so unlike most of my hikes on this section it will not be solo. I have to really concentrate when I am by myself. I am really spoiled when I can just relax and rely on him to keep track of where the trail goes. (We both have the Bruce trail app on our phones and I also have the paper map with me.)

We are still taking our gear out of the car when Carl Tafel comes walking up and introduces himself as the trail captain for the section between Side road 20 and Side road 21. He says he might be biased, but he loves this section. It is nice to be able to personally thank one of the trail maintainers for all their hard work. He assures me that the section coming up is easier than the rocky section at the end of the previous hike. The sun disappears behind a cloud bank that comes rolling in just as we start walking.

The downhill is indeed not rocky and easy to manoeuvre. Four people pass us on the uphill section.

Black Bank Creek arises in the Escarpment zone near the sub-watershed
boundary at Lavender. The creek cascades south through Black Bank, joining
the Pine River near Terra Nova. Most of its drainage area is forested – Black
Bank Creek is considered one of the most pristine streams in the watershed.

There is still some snow on the ground. There are quite a few “no hunting” signs that I appreciate for sure!!

Last of the fall colours, just across Side Road 21
This waterfall was a very nice surprise at the end of our walk today.

I am very happy that I eventually finished this section. It just shows that even if you walk small distances, eventually you will get there. I earned the pink rose badge to add to my collection of Bruce Trail section badges.

The pink rose badge.