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Road trip around Georgian Bay (1), Parry Sound

We were brand new immigrants in 1995 and owned a very old secondhand car that we had bought for C$800. We had no idea how big and uninhabited Canada really is when we planned our very first road trip. We looked at the map and decided to drive around Georgian Bay. We packed up our two little kids, piled up the camping gear on the roof and strapped a blue tarp over it.

Georgian Bay

We made it as far as a campground in Tobermory. The next morning the car did not want to start (due to a cracked distributor cap). I think it was a blessing in disguise… (We rented a car and went back home!)

Since then we have been as far as Tobermory a few times on a Sunday drive and we have camped in Killbear and Awenda respectively. We have also climbed up the water tower in Parry Sound in 2015 when we were driving through, but it took thirty years to decide to try again. We now own a reliable car and we could use the internet to plan this trip. We decided to go in the opposite direction this time.

Awenda, 2001
Parry Sound from the top of the water tower, 2015

We took the 400 to Parry Sound and went on the 3 hour cruise between the islands. It was overcast and blustery, but luckily not raining. Very informative information about the surrounding landscape was shared during the trip. We took lots of pictures of course!

At the dock in Parry Sound, 2021
Kilbear Park, 2021