Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

It always rains on my birthday, September 2022

We figured it would be nice to walk in Fall and decided to go during the week of my birthday when there would be Fall colours for sure. We forgot all about the rain…

We found an AirBnB perfectly situated to help us finish hiking the Sydenham section of the Bruce trail. Chatsworth was exactly 15 minutes from all the drop-off and pick -up points. I walk with AJ (my son) and my husband (Faan) does the driving.

It rained when we arrived, it rained when we started walking and it still rained after two days. We decided that we will just be cozy and dry for the rest of the week and then finish off this section next year. Note to self: remember it usually rains in the Fall!

Day one: our starting point west of Walter’s Falls.
Pretty scene along the road.
We finished our “shower” where the road meets the Bognor Marsh parking area.
Day two plan: Start at Silent Valley Nature Reserve.
We trudged through ankle and knee deep water and decided to do the marsh in summer next year…