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Memory Lane – 10 August, 2019

Today we are walking a 9 km loop that includes the Bennett side trail and Scotsdale Farm.

This morning there is a cool breeze which makes it perfect weather for walking. We park the car on the 8th line section that is closed off during winter. AJ suggests we start the loop going east this time since he has not done that before. Last year we were going in the opposite direction doing the Toronto E2E.

It is noticeably dry today and the cicadas are making their signature sound. The leaves are rustling in the wind and the birds and chipmunks are chirping away. I am surprised that we did not see any other people today except for one couple we see twice since they are doing the same loop as us, but in the opposite direction.

Our starting point is one of the most beautiful sections of the today’s trail. I have been here on various occasions including last year with Tanja when we were just starting out our training for the Camino. This part of the trail always feels magical to me.

AJ has been here with me before, but we were doing the Esker side trail then. It’s really steep and I am not up for it today. (I have a picture where people had to wait for me to catch up on a previous occasion).

I do feel better than last year though. Every time I pass a rock or a stump where I had to sit and rest last year, I feel grateful for the healing that has taken place. Of course I chastise myself for not doing more walking. We are walking much shorter distances this year. As a result we have now decided to be more realistic and are only going to do half of the Sydenham Bruce trail section this year and leave the other half for another occasion.

35463670_10155672316210745_2007144887228563456_o (2)

When we pass over a dry river bed, I remember that I have been here a few years ago with my husband. It is about the same time of the year right now and I look out for a patch of red flowers I saw then. They are still growing in the same spot!

We reach Scotsdale Farm about halfway through our loop. The old buildings look a bit overgrown, but it does not seem to deter people from filming there. There is nobody on site, but the cables and equipment are everywhere. Over time many films have been shot here, but it’s the first time I have come across the evidence.


Scotsdale farm is such a lovely place. We have been here through-out the years visiting and enjoying the outdoors.

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