Iroquoia BT, Post Camino, The Bruce Trail

Memory Lane – August 16, 2019

So here we are again – walking the Bruce Trail (BT) on top of the Niagara Escarpment. We are preparing to walk the 172 km Sydenham BT section in September.

Last time I was here I walked 15 km from Rattlesnake Point to Crawford Lake and back. I was part of quite a large group of people that were all preparing to walk the Camino (in Spain). We took a long break at Crawford Lake to use the washroom and have a coffee at the gift shop or a cold drink from the vending machine (bring cash). It is a very scenic route through the forest with spectacular look-out points along the way.

This time it’s just my son and I. He is taking the lead using his very handy Bruce Trail App to keep us on track. We are doing almost the exact trail that I did last year, but in the opposite direction and we are using the canyon bypass. This will make the route less steep, but it is still a nice 11 km distance.

There are plenty of trails at the Crawford Lake and Rattlesnake Point Conservation Areas that you can link with the main Bruce Trail or BT side trails (see first image) so that you can adjust your route according to your own needs.

My last memory of Crawford Lake was not very pleasant, but this time there were some painters that make the scene look very peaceful.


In 2013 we were introduced to The White Pine First Nation Dancers at the 15th century reconstructed Iroquoian village. They shared some interesting info about their culture.

Our family’s earliest visit to this area was in 2006.

Now there is a new sign at the look-out (where you can see the turkey vultures soar) describing this area from the perspective of the First Nations:



I like how they call the Escarpment “the land that reaches up to the sky”.

PS. We did not come across any rattle snakes, just plenty of mosquitoes. Good thing we both used bug spray beforehand!





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