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Day 1 – Sydenham Trail (Saturday, 31 August 2019)

Bruce Caves

We are walking along the Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail. This week we are walking from Wiarton to Owen Sound. (We will do the rest of this Bruce trail section next year, DV.) We are staying in Hepworth which is a perfect in-between location. My husband is so kind to be our trail angel and he will drop us off and pick us up again at parking spots close to the Bruce Caves, Skinner’s Bluff, Kemble mountain, Bass Lake, The Glen and Jones’ Falls respectively.

Georgian Bluffs

We are walking at a leisurely pace. That way we can take our time and stop as much as we like. Today we are walking towards the Bruce’s Caves Conservation Area.

Our starting point in Wiarton – looking out over Colpoy’s Bay.

We start off with a gorgeous view over Colpoy’s bay before tackling a very steep cliff with the help of two sturdy wooden ladders. A very big thank you to all the volunteers that keep the Bruce trail in such good shape. Among other things they keep the paths clear, keep the markers visible as well as build bridges, walkways and stiles. They make it possible for us to hike along the magnificent Niagara Escarpment.

first sunlight sprinkles
through the leaves and branches
dew lifts into fog
chickadees chirping 
among shrubs and trees
playing hide and seek

We walk through a grassy area and enjoy the early morning sunshine. The birds are keeping us company darting between the trees. Red apples, bright orange Mountain Ash and yellow Goldenrod mark the beginnings of fall.

We skirt past the local airport and the working cattle farms and reach the Bruce’s Caves Conservation Area.

cliffs and hidden caves 
along the escarpment’s edge
moss and maiden hair

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