Poetry, Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

Day 4 – Sydenham Trail (Tuesday, 3 September)

Kemble Wetland

small droplets hanging
from the wet wire fence
early morning fog

There is rain and some thunder in the forecast for later today. We decide to change direction and start from the opposit side of Kemble mountain and walk back to where we stopped yesterday. I am hoping to cover a lot of ground before the rain starts by doing the roadside walking first. We can climb Kemble mountain (again!) instead of going downhill on a slippery slope. If need be, we can always be picked up if the weather turns nasty.

AJ uses the Bruce trail App and I have planned out our route using the paper map from edition 29. There is some discrepancy about the distances today. According to me we are walking 14.2 km, but AJ claims it is closer to 17 km. There is a link on the website where you can check for changes to the trail but I have not done that…

We walk a while through the forest along the escarpment looking down onto a farm with a whole herd of white cattle and then start our road side walking.

distant farmer's fields 
below the escarpment's ridge
cattle and tall grass

However, just as we pass the farm where the farmer is hard at work fixing a machine, we have to put our raincoats on already. We follow the road for a little while and then to my surprise, the trail veers off into the field. Apparently this is a brand new trail skirting the Kemble wetland. So much for making time! From now on I will check the website for updates about changes to the trail, before going out.

The trail is well marked with a brand new boardwalk, a new stile and some shrub and tree plantings. The local BT club has been very busy.

fogged glasses, cuddled 
inside cozy red rain coat
sloshing in my shoes

We have lunch in a relatively dry spot underneath some cedars. Looking at AJ’s App, I realize that my planning wasn’t up to scratch and that we have quite a lot of walking left to do. We decide to call my husband to meet us at a parking spot available just before Kemble Mountain at an access point to the Don Richards side trail. That means we still walked 12 km today, even though we didn’t make it to the top.

trail angel rescue
along the Escarpment trail
blue side trail marker

We decide that we will come back in the fall to visit the Bruce caves and also walk this 5km section that we didn’t do today. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

Update: I am happy to report that I came back with both sons on “Son” day (September 29) to complete this section on a gorgeous sunny day.

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