Poetry, Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

Day 5 – Sydenham trail (Wednesday, 4 September)

The Glen

The rain has stopped (thankfully) and I eventually managed to dry out my shoes. Yesterday I stuffed them with newspaper that I kept changing out and this morning I even put them in the oven (at the lowest setting with the door open) for about an hour. They are still a little bit damp, so I am wearing two pairs of socks. Lesson learned: shoes made with gortex are breathable and don’t get so hot in dry weather, but your feet WILL get wet when it rains. Until now I have been very fortunate, but from now on (if I have a choice), I will not wear these shoes again when it rains.

mosquitoes follow
along muddy trails and tracks
jewel weed comforts

The Glen rises 15 to 20 metres above what used to be the former bays of Lake Algonquin. The horseshoe shaped indentation in the Escarpment was carved millennia ago by glaciers. As you walk along the cliff tops, you can look down into a sea of green that contains a significant wetland and waterfowl population. We can’t see any water, but we can hear the geese. We stay at the top of the ridge since we are following the main trail, but there is a side trail available to go down into the glen.

an inviting gap
between the Escarpment rocks
trail to ancient bay
courage required
over some narrow chasms
rock solid footing

After we reached the end of the glen, we went down a fissure that was so spectacular even AJ was impressed! It was slippery there, but we just went slowly and enjoyed the scenery.

cloud cover, no sun
in the shadows of the rock
green micro-climates

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