Poetry, Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

Day 3 – Sydenham Trail (Monday, 2 September)

Kemble Mountain

clover and chicory
along dirt tracks and ditches
colourful flowers

The Bruce trail is following a multi-use road this morning. Yesterday we drove this ATV track with our car since it was marked as a road on our map. That was a mistake, since it was VERY rough. After my husband dropped us off this morning he made a U turn instead. Now that we are walking along this road today it doesn’t look that bad at all!

We walked in the forest all day yesterday, so it is a welcome change to see some sunshine again. I notice a lot of different colour wild flowers next to the road.

Kemble mountain looks very imposing from the bottom and the road looks intimidating since it goes straight up. The road up Kemble mountain is pretty steep. AJ takes many pictures of the view while I am slowly zig zagging my way to the top.

The rocks and the vegetation changes drastically at the top and we come across our first crevices on this trip. AJ has trouble crossing any deep gaps. He tries to get around them and usually he succeeds in finding an alternative way back to the trail. For the most part the trail seems to find the most accessible way across as well.

mosquitoes follow 
over hills and through valleys
company for lunch

We usually walk the direction that goes mostly uphill since AJ does not like going downhill. It is also easier to go uphill in rainy weather. So far we were fortunate, but the rain finally catches up with us after lunch. Just enough to put on our coats and to discard them again! I keep mine draped over my backpack just for in case…

When we reach the top of Kemble mountain I am sad to say goodbye to Colpoy’s bay and I don’t think the rest of our walk towards Owen Sound can be as pretty. Big surprise! We come to the spot where the trail goes through a fissure. We have never seen anything like it! With the layered rock on both sides covered with moss and ferns it is absolutely gorgeous. There are a lot of mosquitoes though. Luckily AJ carries bug spray that he is willing to share.

crevasses and cracks 
through dolomite rock and shale
moss on the north side

The rest of the trail has many many interesting rock formations and even though it is steep in some spots, it is really very pretty.

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