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10 km McLaren Road Side Trail Loop Hike, August 6, 2018

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In spite of the heat wave and the humidity we put our minds to it and today was going to be the day to do another hike towards earning the Historical Hike Badge from the Caledon Hills BTC. There are five hikes and we picked one of the three loop trails. Next time we will need a trail angel to drop us off at our starting point. That sounds like such an awesome idea!



We parked along the Forks of the Credit Road and went North-West following the gravel road (old Dominion Road) past some pretty houses in Brimstone and went up the hill (the Paris Moraine) using the Dorothy Medhurst Side Trail. After a little respite on the Main trail we continued South-East on the McLaren Road Side trail to follow the first loop hike created in 1968 anywhere on the Bruce Trail.



After hiking about 6 km we were down in the valley where we crossed the river again at Forks of the Credit Road and we could see the enormous Niagara Escarpment in front of us. I have only heard about the Devil’s Pulpit, but have never been brave enough to venture into this area. After three month of training for my upcoming Camino, I figured I will give it a go…



The wooden steps just went straight up! After that it was still a long and steep climb all the way to Grange Road. Turning North-West on top of the Escarpment we had about 3 km of easy hiking before we came to the famous steps down. AJ went down backwards and Tanja held on to the cable to help her down. I used my trekking poles, but still had to sit down occasionally to get to the next step. I agree with previous hikers. I would not like to try this loop in the opposite direction!



It was about 1 km down and when we reached the car I realized I had lost my map. AJ went back for it and found it half-way UP towards Devil’s Pulpit where we had a rest previously. What a TROOPER!!



By the time he came back we were all parched and made a pit stop in Belfountain’s Higher Ground Coffee Company before heading home.

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