Caledon Hills BT, Camino Prep, Canada 150 Historical Hikes, The Bruce Trail

10 km Glen Haffy Hike, 3 September 2018

This is our third hike in the series. This hike is not a loop hike since you either need two cars, or you can use the service of a trail angel courtesy of the Caledon BT Club.

We met Dave at 8:30 am sharp at the 7th line parking lot – (the end point of our hike) and he dropped us of at the starting point about 10 km away.




We were glad we started early since the weather prediction was for high temperatures in the 30 degree range plus humidity. I used my Dutch handkerchief as a bandana and that worked really well to keep my face dry and my glasses clean.

We had to cross a river at some point and AJ took his shoes off. Tanja was using the stepping stones very carefully and I waded through the water to test my waterproof shoes. They passed 🙂


2-smallerP1230105bw copy


I want God’s way to be my way,
As I journey here below.
For there is no other highway
That a child of God should go.
Though the road be steep and rough,
If he leads me it’s enough,
I want God’s way to be my way every day.”


12-smaller2018-09-03 12.36copy


There was a wonderful view at Humber Heights. The access point is not too far from the 7th line parking lot, so it is quite accessible actually.

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