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Communication Tools and taking the time to learn how to use them.

Today I am writing this blog from a cell phone for the first time. My son gave me his old Nexus 5 smartphone and I am learning how to use it. Up till now I have been holding on to my flip phone that works on a pay-as-you-go basis. My parents struggled getting used to a digital camera and a computer. I feel the same way about this little gadget. Whatever does the future hold? I now have apps to help me write, take pictures and create a blog. That means a lot of unfamiliar actions and I have to get used to being online vs offline, etc. I will have to practice…

I would like to share my Camino journey from Spain. My parents used to make telephone calls, wrote letters and put photographs in a family album. Nowadays we can blog and share our adventures through Facebook and e-mail so that friends and family are able to follow along instantly.

In the meantime I started using “Map my Walk” for training and find it really useful. An armband makes the phone accessible:



I used Amazon to order a Camino guidebook and voila! I put it on my phone as well. Amazing!

Duolingo on my phone is teaching me a little bit of Spanish. I can now say “Gracias“, “Por favor” and “Cafe con leche.” A good start I think.

When I ordered my new hat it said that if spend 3 more dollars I can get the shipping free. I found a whistle for 4 dollars. I have been thinking on previous occasions (when walking in the woods) that I should have one and now I finally do. It is important that you can call for help when you need it…

P.S. I did end up having to use my computer to finish this blog. Maybe I should bring pen and paper as back up just for in case 😀






2 thoughts on “Communication Tools and taking the time to learn how to use them.”

  1. I love it that part of the preparation for the Camino also involves learning new things and acquiring new skills. Congratulations on joining the online world (I think?)!

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