Camino Prep, The Bruce Trail

12 km Terra Cotta Hike , 9 June 2018 (1)

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The Bruce Trail is about 900 km long and follows the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario from the Niagara Falls to Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. There are also an additional 400 km of side trails. The Niagara Escarpment is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The  Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) is a charitable organization that was started in 1960 and is committed to establishing a conservation corridor with a public footpath. Escarpment landowners are also an essential part to the existance of the Bruce Trail.

I have been thinking about joining the BTC since we came to Canada in 1994, but somehow never did. Back then I just bought the maps for the Bruce Trail and used them when needed. When you join the BTC, you automatically become a member of one of the clubs that exist along the Bruce Trail. In our case we will be part of the Toronto Bruce Trail Club. We can also join the Caledon Hills BC for an extra fee. While I was studying their websites I noticed that you can earn badges by doing a certain number of trails. You can do them by yourself or you can join other members and share the experience. Sometimes that will involve a car or bus shuttle, food and a leader.

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I told Tanja that I have finally joined and that if she wants to earn some badges for the walks that we are doing she will have to join as well. (Every membership includes the whole household.) We have done one hike out of five for the Historical Hike badge (Caledon Hills BC), but we can work on the Side-trail badge at the same time. In September there is an end to end badge (Toronto BC) that involves 50 km done over two days.

When I saw the advertised hike at the Terra Cotta Conservation Area, I thought it might be a good introduction for us to see what it will be like to walk with a group of people. Last time I looked there will be about 80 people walking a loop that includes a newly opened trail in the Terra Cotta Conservation Area. I understand that it is a loop trail, so no car shuttling should be involved. Tanja is a little sad since there are no dogs allowed. It will be like me walking without my camera!

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