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Light in the Darkness

Today we both needed to deal with some upsetting news respectively and so we decided to take a stroll on the Limehouse trails for comfort. Since I have been there many times, I did not have to concentrate on a map. With no time limit either, we could talk and stop frequently to take in our surroundings.

This tree was giving us a hug today.

There is usually no time to take pictures when you are on a schedule, but today I used my camera’s monochrome setting to match my mood and opened up all my senses to be receptive to any messages that might come my way.

Anemones lighting up our path.

At one point the road becomes quite steep and we had to go through a gap in the boulders, up a ladder and over some deep crevices. We had to admire the old trees at the top that were gripping the rock with such tenacity. We had to watch our step not to trip over those contorted roots and had to pay attention to where we were going.

Obstacles can be overcome.

We had some good conversations along the way and in the end we could appreciate that life runs it course with all it’s ups and downs.

A river runs through it.
A river runs through it…

As Christians we believe that our relationship with God has been restored through the blood of Jesus and we now have the Holy Spirit helping us on our journey here on earth. We are never alone and today we both felt His presence comforting us.

Stay the course.
Follow the light.

2 thoughts on “Light in the Darkness”

  1. Beautifully captured. Both in words and in the pictures taken. Grateful for the meaningful conversations and the peace I find in our encounters. Thank you for our marvelous walks.

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