Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

30% chance of rain…

October 24: The weather prediction says that today will be mainly cloudy after the thunderstorm last night. I fully expect the trail to be slippery and wet.

We are on our way to Owen Sound so we are walking three sections in a Northern direction on our way there:

62.8 – 65: The trail is covered with leaves today. AJ and I are both wearing our raincoats since it starts raining very lightly every now and again. It’s also very muddy underneath all these leaves. We even had to cross a little creek without a bridge! I am glad I brought two trekking poles. The sun comes out in patches and I still get a nice view at the lookout point.

80.2 – 82.9 The trail in the KOA campground is well maintained and this time we have little bridges across the water to help us. We now appreciate them more!

84.7 – 88.7 The last section for today. I am looking forward to see the Crevice I have seen only on other people’s pictures so far. I see a sign that says Boyd’s Crevice… and it does not disappoint! Pretty steep in spots, but easy does it and we manage not to fall!

October 25: We left the AirBnB in Owen Sound this morning, so today we are walking in the Southern direction.

75.9 – 74.5 Wow! So much mud! My shoes will need a thorough scrubbing when we get home… we are grateful for every bridge and board walk today! My favourite piece of hiking gear for this weekend was definitely my trekking poles.

71.2 – 69.2 I forgot my phone in the car, so I did not get any pictures of the ferns and fissures that we saw, but my husband had a funny story when we joined up with him: He pulled up to the pick-up point and an older couple hopped into his car!! They thought he was their arranged ride. After a bit of explaining and waiting for that ride that did not show up, Faan dropped them off instead. Handy trail angel!!

69.2 – 65.0 We use the Bruce trail reference number 29 map 31 and once again I forgot to double check with the Bruce trail App when I was planning this section. I was fully prepared to do a farmland section when it turns out that we have to do some road walking instead. Bummer… I can’t imagine how trail maintenance must feel when they have to take trail indicators down.

45.4 – 44.2 Our final little piece of road walking in this section for this year.

Woo Hoo!! We have only 40km left to do of the 172.5 km of the Sydenham Section of the Bruce trail. We includes the Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve (about 10 km) as well as the first 37 km of this section.

We are planning to finish this section in 2022 in the Fall.