Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

Thanksgiving weekend, 10 – 11 Oct 2020

My husband and I cannot remember the last time we went away by ourselves over a weekend. Both kids are working, so our planned family outing isn’t going through. We will just come home early on Monday.

Usually AJ is my walking buddy, so we change up the plan: I will do road walking this weekend and leave the prettier parts for when I have company again. I can drive AJ around some other time – the same way Faan is helping me this weekend.

October 10

71.2 – 74.5: I misinterpreted the map, so the first 1 km actually goes through a forest. Nice rock formations, but slippery because of mud, leaves and mossy rocks on the trail. It’s safer having a buddy. You never know…

88.7 – 90.1 Just a short distance… I skipped the highway 26 section since it’s really busy today. Might be better tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

October 11

84.7 – 82.9 This morning is sunny with a crisp temperature: 4°C feeling like 3°C. I am wearing my orange vest over my clothes to make me visible to the traffic. Today I am wearing long pants as well. This road is not so busy and my ticking trekking pole even bothers some horses!

Thanksgiving colours

purple, yellow and orange

always safety first

wild turkeys

84.7- 82.9 Faan picks me up and drives me over to the KOA campground for the second part of my road walking this morning, but before we get there we see a whole flock of wild turkeys in the field! They do not even bother flying up when we stop, which I think is unusual…

KOA campground

the rustle of leaves

a crow caws in the distance

the crunch of my steps

80.2 – 75.9 It does feel weird walking along the highway. I am happy that there are traffic lights helping me cross the road. We decide to go home for coffee and I will do the other stretch this afternoon. I think we made a good call leaving this section for Sunday morning. There is definitely less traffic today.

55.2 – 62.8 I go back out this afternoon for another 7km. This time it’s all gravel roads. My feet are feeling it after a total of 20 km…

keep your body straight

with the help of trekking poles

heel, toe and repeat

The farmers are busy harvesting oats and canola. The corn is getting ready too. You can hear the noise of their machines over a long distance.

farmers feed cities

the harvester is noisy

seagulls in its wake