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Boyne Valley Provincial Park, Oct 2020 & Sept 2021

October 3 It’s a little chilly today and I decide to wear my black puffy vest. I forgot to bring a raincoat, so I feel a little bit nervous when there are a few raindrops right at the start of my walk.

20.6 – 15.2

Faan is dropping me off at the 1st line parking spot. I figured that I would have less uphill to do! Turns out I had not studied the map very well… After going downhill as well as uphill a few times I get to the Murphy’s Pinnacle lookout point. Very interesting formation with a fantastic view! There are quite a few people on trail today, so I have to wait my turn before I can take a picture.

The view from Murphy’s Pinnacle

The trail goes down into the valley and there are quite a few board walks to help me through the marshy areas.

The Boyne river is actually quite big with two very beautiful bridges to help me across.

The rest of the trail is quite wide and mostly uphill towards highway 89. I did not really anticipate this, so I did get a good workout today. I was also very fortunate that it did not rain after all!

October 17 I had another bloodtest this morning to check my iron levels. I feel more energetic, but I don’t have a lot of stamina. Also, wet leaves can be slippery… So it’s by design that I planned today’s walk for the afternoon and in such a way that I only walk 3km in the woods before meeting up with Faan (my husband) again. That way he will see me within an hour. I meet quite a few people on trail and everyone is happy with the cooler temperatures and the sunshine. I did bring two trekking poles to act as brakes on the downhill sections.

20.6 – 23.9: The first section after being dropped off is quite steep. Luckily it doesn’t go straight up, but uses switch backs that are very well laid out.

20.6 – 23.9

a golden leaf dance

accompanied by the wind

water harmony

I didn’t expect the little bench looking out over the Boyne River valley. Such a wonderful idea! Not too steep to get to from the other side either!

31.5 – 29.4: I skip 5 km and do a kilometer of road walking with the sun behind me before I am pleasantly surprised by Rock Hill Corner. It reminds me of Limehouse. There is a Dad with his two kids playing among the rocks and the leaves as well as a group of photographers waiting for the sun to go low enough for the rocks to catch some sunlight.

31.5 – 29.4

I think I should come back here with morning light and do the Rock Hill Park side trail for some exploring!

September 11, 2021 23.9 – 29.4 Today am walking the 5km that I skipped previously. I have not been walking as much as I should and I am really out of shape.

The trail is well maintained and lends itself to easy walking. I meet a couple having lunch at the river and also a family walking together. There are many side trails that promise a short cut to the parking lot….

This section has quite a few steep sections and I am really tired at the end…