Dufferin Hi-Land, The Bruce Trail

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, Sept – Oct 2020

I am walking the Dufferin Hi-Land section of the Bruce trail. It is about 56 km long.

Faan and I like to go driving and having a coffee somewhere. We have decided that for the time being we will do it in such a way that I can go on some short solo hikes in this area.

12 September: The trail is not difficult, but my anemia is back and the few little uphills have me panting for breath. So I slow down and take it easy. Faan dropped me off at the beginning and is waiting at a very quiet parking spot. Hard to find nowadays during Covid-19 restrictions.

0.0 – 1.2

20 September: Early Sunday morning Faan drops me off and I walk back to Mono Centre again. There are not too many people out walking yet. Faan brought his camera with and walks a little distance with me before turning around.

3.1 – 1.2

At the end of my walk I see a really nice lake fairly close to where Faan is waiting for me, so he is able to take some pictures there as well.

26 September: Today is my birthday. 60 years! Fall is in the air… I start walking a little bit North of Granger, ON. Walking at the edge of some farmland with the occasional forest.

10.0 – 15.2

September 27: My energy levels are definitely improving since I am taking my iron medication at double dose. I feel pretty good. Today we are back to Mono Cliffs with the family. There are two lookout points: one on the main trail and one on a side trail. The trail is fairly wide and isn’t really steep. I am surprised at how much sand there is on the side trail, at that lookout point as well as all the way out through the Dufferin forest.

3.1 – 7.9

October 10: We are on our way to continue the Sydenham section, but I am walking a little stretch between Granger and the park, 3km of road walking in the downhill direction. A whole group of guys on fat tire bikes are going uphill. I feel sorry for them, but I guess they like the work out since they all smiled and said good morning. Gorgeous colours today!

10.0 – 7.9