Poetry, Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

The Palisades – September 5, 2020 (5.3 km)

Today we start our walk at Inglis Falls and walk towards the Centennial tower in Owen Sound. We will climb up, past and through this impressive rock formation called The Palisades.

Above Inglis Falls

We cross the Sydenham river above Inglis Falls and I am once more impressed by the scale of the rocks as well as the amount of water. We go into the woods and we are surprised by the very wide trail. It feels more like a park!

Gary, trail name Jasper

I recognized Gary coming up the trail! (I follow him on You Tube.) He started walking the Bruce trail last month and only needs nine more days to finish in Tobermory. He is then turning around and will finish his yo- yo thru hike in Queenstown close to the Niagara Falls. I am super impressed!

Inglis Falls conservation area

rocks, trees, ferns and moss
all throughout the forest floor
nature’s company

Rocks, trees, ferns and mushrooms

I want to give AJ, my son, a big thank you for being so kind to accompany me on all these hiking trips. He wants to keep an eye on me to make sure that I am safe. Today’s terrain was a jumble of rocks and he stubbed his toe pretty badly… He has had such a rough week!

Grey Sauble conservation area

family support
on and off the trail, truly

Rough terrain

We walked the whole morning in the shade of the trees and later the Palisades were blocking the sun. It made for nice cool weather while we were working our way up the Escarpment.

Impressive rock formation

the towering rock
above our heads, impressive
majestic presence

Centennial Tower, Owen Sound

one step at a time
sensible, responsible
challenges overcome