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The Crevice – September 3 & 4, 2020

We could not go walking for two days…

After trying over-the-counter medicines, AJ ended up seeing a doctor who gave him some medicine to deal with a severe allergic reaction. Possibly poison oak…

Allergic reaction…

Today AJ is ready to walk again and we planned to do 8 km, but I ran out of energy after 6 km allready. It took us three and a half hours to do that section. My anemia started acting up again this year and my RBC is not up to par yet…

The view!
AJ is feeling much better
Little bit steep!
Trail angel Faan to the rescue!

I was really looking forward to see the Crevice, so Friday morning we walked the additional 3km that we did not get to do on Thursday.

Adventurous morning!

We started out at the tiny hamlet of Woodford and saw the creative “lime kiln” as well as the homestead ruin where somebody had left a blue pot! We saw many different kinds of ferns and I just love the feel and the smell of the moss growing on the rocks.

the soil smell surprise
underneath my hand: I touched
a moss covered rock

The highlight was of course the twist and turns and maneuvering through the crevice. We had fun doing that, for sure!!

AJ going out the other side