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Inglis Falls – Monday, 31 August 2020 (9.9 km)

Starting out again…

This past weekend we camped out at Cyprus Lake in the Bruce Peninsula National Park in order to scout out that section of the Bruce trail for future reference. Section hiking will be a lot more difficult to do in that area since we do not walk big distances. We figured out a drop off point that will not involve a parking permit, but it does mean two back country sleepovers. We will need to acquire thru hiking gear.

In 2019 the plan was to end at Inglis Falls, but we did not make it that far. So, I am pretty excited to go there today. Technically we should’ve started at Jones Falls, but that means crossing Highway 6 and climbing up a very steep ladder. We decide to skip about 3 km for now and start at the 7th street west parking lot instead.

We climb up the side trail towards the main trail where there are a few lookout points. It feels so good to be back on trail. The cedar forest shade feels cool and the trail is soft underfoot.

a woodland carpet
underfoot, soft and squishy
familiar welcome

Moss covered rocks and woodland plants

There are interesting moss covered rocks, gnarly roots, many ferns and different colour mushrooms. You can hear the chirping chipmunks scurry around as well as different type of birds.

chipmunks chirp, scurry
around woodland scenery
forage winter food

The temperature is perfect until we get to the road walking section for the day and it is with relief when we duck back into the forest. Only 2km to go!

boardwalk over a slippery section

We meet three more couples of which one pair is also following the Bruce trail. I guess that there are a few more trails in this area around the waterfall.

the only stile of the day

strategic boardwalk
across a slippery slope
up and over stile

Inglis Falls

We arrive at our destination and it exceeds all my expectations. Look at the flow! Just a glorious sight!

at escarpment’s edge
the river water cascades
joyful abundance

We walked the 3km that we skipped in the beginning on Thursday afternoon, September 4, 2020.

Connecting the dots