Poetry, Sydenham BT, The Bruce Trail

Day 6 – Sydenham trail (Thursday, 5 September)

Jone’s Falls

Today is our last day of walking for the week.

Perfect weather for walking today. Sunny and bright. We start off by taking a quick trip into the forest to have a look at a flowerpot formation. This is a type of sea stack, formed over many years as wind, rain, waves and ice hammered away at the cliff that once stood alongside the water’s edge. The softer rock eroded more quickly, leaving the harder rock remaining in the shape of flowerpots with trees growing on top.

flowerpot formation 
among the scattered boulders
testament in stone

It’s quiet, except for the wind and a very loud woodpecker! We leave the forest and take the road that leads to the Georgean Bluffs Trail that used to be part of the CN rail line.

Today we actually do see some people. A man on a bike, another one walking his dogs and a lady with a bike and binoculars. When we turn into Springmount, somebody even asks us for directions! We are quite happy to disappear back into the forest of the Escarpment again.

a resting spot, bench 
at the end of the rail trail
distant traffic din

We reach Jones waterfall. It’s on the corner of two busy roads and we can hear the traffic long before we get there.

a loud woodpecker 
against the bare tree trunk
noisy parking lot
two small garter snakes 
across our trail, disappear
near the waterfall

We meet up with my husband, who has been our trusted trail angel all week, at the Pottawatomi Conservation area parking lot. There is an information station, washrooms and even some vending machines. Very different from the other parking spots we used until now.

I guess it’s back to civilization…

trail angel waiting
in our white rental car
seated, blissfully

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