My Camino, October 2018

Arzoa to Roa, 9 October 2018

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

Last night we arrived in heaven. Our accommodations were at  Casa Brandariz outside Arzua. It is breathtakingly beautiful with absolutely wonderful people. We all want to go back there one day!

I am part of a group of 11 ladies walking the Camino together. We are between the ages of 50 and 75 and come from a variety of countries. We get together in the evenings for supper and sharing. I am thankful for the support and friendships that are made. We are all walking our own individual journeys…


I find out why pilgrims like to sit outside the cafés when taking a break! I catch up with Tilla and Fanie again and after a while an Italian guy called Luca starts talking about rugby to Fanie. I hook up with his companion Genevieve from Montreal, Canada. We end up having lunch together. They have been on the Camino Frances twice before and this time they are going to finish it. They share accommodation and meals and that way split the cost. They also help each other when needed.
Later on, I was just about to sit down inside Marela Cantina when Luca and I recognize each other and he invites me to join them outside.
Until now I did not realize that when you sit outside you can keep a lookout for fellow pilgrims that you have met before. That is how you stay in touch with each other.

P1230513 (2)

To enjoy friendships, relationships and special moments of synchronicity, you have to put yourself out there!

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