My Camino, October 2018

Portomarin to Palas de Ray, 6 October 2018

Today we are walking 25 km!

New Phototastic CollagestartofDay.jpg

Today Tanja and I are walking together in God’s presence. God is always with us and cares for us wherever we are. Also here on the Camino.

P1230448 (2)

Early on it starts to drizzle. I use my Magdalena jacket and feel like I am walking inside a tent. Protected from the elements and feeling very cozy.

New Phototastic Collagetent

I take a picture of a little red bird on the bramble berry hedge. There are so many birds and butterflies accompanying us along the way. It is especially noticeable when the path goes through a forested area. For some reason I would then think of my grandmother. I eat some of the bramble berries every day and the taste brings me back to the last time I had them: I was 5 years old and visiting my grandparents in The Netherlands.


I meet Jack from Australia for a brief moment when we are changing some warm clothes for cooler ones. He is wondering what he is going to tell the people back home when they ask him what he gained from the Camino. I tell him about my health journey. He thinks about it and then says: “I will tell them that I am walking myself well.”

P1230450 (2)

Today my focus is on reverence, not perseverance. At one point Tanja tells me that somehow I look different today. Later Pam tells me that it looks like a light is shining behind my eyes. I share my belief in God’s presence and how “we are divine light” at circle time with the ladies – especially since some have so many questions…

P1230198 (4)

I was walking in His light today, surrounded by His presence and not leaning on my own understanding.

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