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Triacastela to Sarria, 4 October 2018

Sometimes things do not have to make sense.day2dSarriawalkThis morning when I changed my profile picture on Facebook to the metal “see-through man” from O’Cebreiro, I cut off the head by accident. The WiFi connection disconnected and I now I do not have time to re-adjust the picture before we leave. So I feel that maybe the message for today could be that I should not do so much thinking and try to find explanations for everything.

P1230285 (2)

Today we all leave together to make sure we are all following the San Xil path which is shorter than the path through Samos. (I am not ready to walk 30 km yet!!)day2aI keep catching up with Dianne who is stopping to take pictures. She has some trouble with her shoe rubbing against her heel. While she is sitting in the middle of the road inspecting her foot, a Belgium lady comes by and tells her to get some Compeed. That reminds me that I actually have something similar with me, so I share some with her.

I see the Belgium lady again where the forest path meets the roadway.  She has missed a turn-off, but is quite happy that she ended up with the longer winding road instead of the steep up and down hills that we encountered, since she is having some toe trouble.

These events of synchronicity I call Camino moments. Many people experience them here. I think that everyday life is like that too, but that we are so pre-occupied that we do not notice them as much. On the Camino these connections happen all the time.New Phototastic CollageColleenI met Colleen from Buffalo, NY yesterday at a nice look-out point where she wanted me to take her picture. Today I talked to her companion from Belgium. He was so happy to speak Flemish that he wanted Colleen to take our picture together. “She speaks my language!” (I was speaking Afrikaans, but kept switching to Dutch for some reason.) I forgot to ask his name though… New Phototastic CollageSarriaFootnote: A week later when I was almost at the end of my journey just around the corner from the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, I saw Colleen all dressed up carrying some shopping bags and I asked her his name. “Francois!”

The same name as my brother-in-law who died about 10 years ago….

1 thought on “Triacastela to Sarria, 4 October 2018”

  1. Very moving, Margreet. When we experience these special moments on the Camino and in life, we know that we are connected to each other and to the Divine, whatever each of us chooses to call it. I, too, had many magical moments on the Camino and feel that all of us were meant to walk together. Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts.

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